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Fresh Brewed Friday – My weekly “coffee date” with you all

Happenings: Impromptu date night with Kyle last Friday night, our favorite sushi from Kokos and drinks with friends. Nights like this make me incredibly happy.

Hit up tons of rummage sales last Friday morning with rummaging partner in crime, my mama. Found some great treasures, including this great cross-stitch made by the sweetest older lady.

Two adorable and awesome family sessions this past weekend. First one was in Downtown Green Bay for little Wolfgang’s nine months photos. The second was on St. Norbert’s campus for cute Lucy’s six month photos. These two were all smiles and I wanted to give them so many hugs!!

I surprised Kyle with an overnight trip to Door County to celebrate our four year anniversary of our first date. It was an AMAZING time and the whole trip will be on the blog next week.

A mama Robin is making her nest in one of my birdhouses! It’s beautiful!

New Favorite: My lilacs! My favorite part of Spring is all the beautiful flowers blooming, including lilacs. They smell incredible and they remind me of childhood (my aunt had lilac bushes outside her house and we would sit on her front step and pick them.) This week my grandma cut off some lilacs in her yard and gave them to me, even though she’s allergic! My grandma’s the best!

Thankful: Our beautiful anniversary celebration! Everything was perfect – the food was amazing, the people were so sweet and our hotel was stunning. I felt very lucky to have such a beautiful mini-vacation, but even luckier that I could spend it with my love.

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It’s mine and Kyle’s four year anniversary from our first date! I still remember it like it was yesterday, every single detail (including what we were both wearing!) Today we will be celebrating with lots of delicious food, yummy wine, and fun times! Yay us!

Love you, hun! Can’t wait to celebrate today!

(this is one of my favorite photos of us – it’s from Christmas, two years ago)

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I’m Shaunae & I believe in big goals and even bigger dreams.


Like really big, giant, juicy, crazy, sky’s-the-limit goals and dreams. I believe in dreaming so big, that people have questioned your mental stability. I believe that if you want something bad enough, you’ll work incredibly hard to get it. And I believe that all that hard work never goes unrewarded.

I set some big, crazy dreams and goals for myself by the age of sixteen. The dream – to run a successful photography business and give people the gift of having their memories captured on film to love for generations.

With this dream, I went to work on accomplishing the goals I set for myself. I graduated high school a year early to start college. At seventeen, I moved across the country to a place I’ve never been before, in a city full of people I didn’t know. Within a year I graduated and moved again. By the age of 20, I started my business. Some people said I was crazy, I literally had people ask me, “Well this is all fun and great but when are you going to get serious and get a real job?” But my goal was clear and concise – I wanted to be a photographer and work for myself. I wanted to give people the gift of photography. I wanted to create images that would live on past my lifetime. Now, at 24 years old, I’m doing exactly that and running my business full-time.

I dreamed I could run this business and I set goal after goal to accomplish those dreams. I never let anything deter me from my goals. Did I have doubts? Of course! It’s normal to doubt yourself, but I did not dwell on those thoughts. Instead I trusted there was a reason for this dream and I did everything I could to work towards that ultimate goal.

I’ll never stop setting new goals for myself. My goals keep me dreaming, keep me excited. Whether it’s a goal to travel more or eat better or spend more time with my loved ones, nothing is off limits. Goals keep us going and move us towards the person we want to be. They help us turn our dreams into realities.

What are some of your big goals and dreams for the future?

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