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Fresh Brewed Friday – My weekly “coffee date” with you all

Happenings: Alexander looking all cute! He likes to lay right next to me and pretends he’s a little human. It’s adorable!

Photographed the New Leaf Winter Farmers’ Market downtown on Saturday. I have missed going to the market so I really enjoyed seeing all the vendors again. I even picked up some fresh veggies and beautiful tulips!

Watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. I could not care less who won and who lost the game, I was more excited to see Beyoncé perform!

Hosted another fabulous TuesdaysTogether meetup this past Tuesday at Camera Corner Studios. As always, I had a blast chatting with everyone and learning about new ways that will help us grow in our businesses.

Photographed the Boys and Girls Club Winemaker’s Dinner for the third year in a row! Sash and Bow and buds ‘n bloom completely outdid themselves this year! Lambeau Field looked absolutely stunning and I loved being there to support all the wonderful things the Boys and Girls Club has done for the children in our community this year!

New Favorite: My happy new wreath! It’s so pretty and completely gets me in the mood for Spring!

My cute candle (Target, of course!) When I felt stressed this week, I lit it and read what it said, “Breathe Deep.” It helped me slow down and refocus my attention on things that really mattered. Who knew a Target candle could do all that?!

Thankful: A birthday card. This week, on a day I least expected, going through a pile of old random paperwork, I found an old birthday from my Auntie Joan from two years ago. I loved seeing her writing again and I can almost hear her saying “love ya” to me. I miss her everyday and even though that feeling hasn’t gone away, I’m thankful to find little reminders of her, like the birthday card, in my daily life. It helps to remind myself that I carry her with me in all that I do.

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I believe in marriage and I think it’s one of the most selfless and beautiful acts of love. No matter what happens, you are making a commitment to love, cherish and honor another person, in good times and in bad. You make that vow to your partner not just on your wedding day, but everyday after that. This is why I love photographing Anniversary Sessions because even after you’ve said, “I do,” you still have to make that choice daily to continue choosing your spouse. In the way you communicate, in the plans you make, in everything you do and I love watching married couples choose their spouse over and over again. It’s so beautiful to see.

I was beyond honored to photograph Erin and Adam’s 11th year wedding anniversary session! Erin and Adam were married on January 22nd, 2005 and even after eleven years of marriage, they love each new day they get to spend together. Erin is a photographer and owns erin jean photography (she was sweet enough to let me use her Contax 645 to shoot film for part of this session!) Adam co-owns and second-shoots for the photography business plus works as a full-time physical therapist assistant. They have two daughters; Lucy (age 7) and Ruby (age 6) and their little angel baby, Molly, in heaven. They also have a cute and sassy French Bulldog named Moose who rules the house. Erin and Adam loving spending time with their family, whether they are enjoying their 1898 suburban farmhouse or spending time at their getaway home (a 1964 Airstream they fixed up) in Door County.

In honor of all the hard work, beautiful moments and wonderful times that come with marriage, Erin and Adam happily reminisced about their years together and offered helpful advice to engaged and newlywed couples everywhere!


What was your favorite part about your wedding day?
Erin says, “It was the biggest snowstorm of the year. Complete craziness. 120 of the 225 people attending, actually made it to our wedding! All flights were cancelled and the roads were so bad. The snow was beautiful though. Our ceremony was in a glass room, we loved every second of that blessing from God.”

Adam says, “Beautiful Erin. RED VELVET CAKE! Making people kiss (even random strangers) if they wanted to see us kiss. My grandma dancing to Lil Jon ‘Get Low.’ An interesting wedding video (courtesy of my dad’s friend); so bad it provides hours of entertainment for our friends 11 years later.”


Favorite thing about your husband/wife?
Erin says, “Oh my, that’s really hard. I guess I would have to say his heart. He is so loved by everyone around us. He would drop anything and do anything for anyone, without thinking about it. And, he is hysterically funny.”

Adam says, “Erin has the most beautiful plans; she is a planner by nature down the last detail and we are so blessed because of it. Her plans come from her dreams and her pure heart.”


What has brought you two closer together?
Raising kids and living life, much like most married couples. There have been extreme highs and dreams being reached, as well as, extreme lows and devastating losses. Every step, we walk together and continuously choose to love each other and not loose each other along the way.


Best part about being married?
Laughing and knowing, as long as we are here on earth, we will love each other.


Has anything surprised you about being married?
What hasn’t?! It’s HARD. Sometimes…really hard. You don’t just stay in love because you are ‘meant to be.’ It’s a daily choice to love another person and choose them.


Best advice for engaged couples or newlyweds?
Know that there will be such a road ahead of you. Like we said above…you have to choose to make it. Every day. Do something, even the smallest thing, every day, to make the other person’s life easier, it goes a long way. Keep dating (each other) after you’re married!


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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you and your honey still have no idea what to do for the big weekend, I understand. It’s hard to come up with something other than dinner and a movie. In honor of this adorable holiday, I’ve complied a list of some of my favorite date night ideas that would serve as the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!


Ice Skating or Snowshoeing
Skate or snowshoe together, hand-in-hand, at one of the local ice rinks or winter trails. My favorite ice rink is at Hagemeister Park on their back patio and my favorite place to snowshoe is at Green Bay Botanical Gardens. After you are done, enjoy a yummy hot chocolate and snuggle together to warm up.

Couple’s Crafting
Whether you found something on Pinterest you want to try or you are heading over to Hello Lemon Studio to be inspired, creating something together is so much fun! Plus you’ll have a great piece you can display in your home to remember this Valentine’s Day for years to come.

At-Home Movie Marathon
Instead of fighting the crowds at a movie theater, rent a few of your favorite movies and enjoy them right from your own couch! Each person pick a favorite movie the other hasn’t seen then throw in a random one and let the fun begin! Add some yummy snacks like popcorn and candy to make your living room feel like a theater!

Weekend Trip to Door County
Even though it’s winter, there are still a few hotels open in beautiful Door County. Take a drive up there for the weekend and stay in one of their adorable hotels. Stop at Door 44 (they’re open!) and pick up some wine for your trip. Spend your weekend enjoying the whirlpool tub and completely relaxing.

Wine Tasting or Brewery Tour
Plan a tour at a winery or a brewery you’ve always wanted to check out. No matter where you go, you are sure to have a fun time, learn a lot, and enjoy some delicious beverages! Here’s a list of brewery tours and wine tastings in Wisconsin.

Volunteer Together
If you and your beau want to spend your day helping others and making the world a better place, there are so many amazing volunteer opportunities. You could help out at an animal shelter, collect toys and clothes for those in need, donate blood, visit a nursing home, serve a meal at the homeless shelter, pick up litter at your local parks – the possibilities are endless! (Here’s just a few – Volunteer in Green Bay.)

Plan a Picnic
If you want to brave the cold, planning a winter picnic is a beautiful idea. Maybe you can make a fire and roast marshmallows and drink hot cocoa. Or you can plan an indoor picnic right in your home! Lay a blanket in the middle of the living room, fill the room with candlelight, snack on yummy cheese, and drink delicious wine. Either way, a picnic is always a good idea.

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