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Today’s Fresh Brewed Friday is a little different and as I’m sure you guessed from the title, I have some HUGE news to share with you all. I cannot believe this day is here. It’s a day I’ve been dreaming about for years. Today is the day that I officially announce I’m running my photography business full-time!! Ahhhh!!


That’s right. 2015 will be my first year strictly working for myself. Seriously, I had to pinch myself to make sure this was real and not a dream. I’ll be honest, I feel incredibly excited/nervous/anxious/liberated all at once. It’s a crazy feeling to know that my life and livelihood is based solely on my own business. As crazy as it is, I’m not that worried. I have some AMAZING couples for 2015 and 2016 that I know will keep my year busy and full of love. My clients are seriously incredible and I could not have done this without all their love and support.

Honestly, there were days that I thought this would never happen; I would doubt myself and put so much pressure on myself to make it happen as fast as possible. But I never gave up. I put all my energy, heart and soul, into this to get to where I am today. After long 13 hour work days, I still found time to edit. Giving up my free time to work on shoots instead has paid off. Exhausted and tired from “regular” jobs, I still found the time and energy to give to my true passion, photography.

I know I might fail. I know this might not work out. But that’s OK! I’m not scared, I have faith that everything will work out as it should. There is no right or wrong decision. Right now, this is my path; this is what I’m suppose to do. I have to continue what I was put on this Earth to do; to tell the beautiful stories of mankind. Knowing that I will be taken care of no matter what happens helps me breathe a little easier.

As I was debating this whole process, should I or should I not pursue photography full time, the answer presented itself so clearly. LIFE IS SHORT! I know it sounds cliché, but it could not be more true. This is the only life we have, let’s make it worth while! Let’s chase our dreams, take risks, and pursue our passions! Let’s follow the little voice inside our head that says, “Go for it!” Let’s stop listening to the people that say we can’t do it and instead listen to our hearts. This is YOUR life; it’s time to start taking responsibility for making ourselves happy. Do not be afraid to chase your dreams. Because if you let fear determine your decisions, you’ll never be truly happy.

I am so excited for this new journey and I cannot wait to see what 2015 brings. Join me on this adventure and let’s say YES to following our hearts in the New Year!

All my love,

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Little Henry is a year old already! Wow!! I met up with this little guy and his mom, Emily, and grandma, Becki, for a special session celebrating this amazing milestone in all their lives. We photographed at St. Norbert College on the most perfect foggy day. Little Henry looked adorable in his fox hat and bow tie. And every time they took his hat off, his blonde hair went all over the place in the cutest way. He is so sweet and full of smiles that every time I see him I just want to give him the biggest hug in the world!


View all of Henry’s adorable photos on his PASS Gallery!

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The adorable Laurent Family is gracing the blog again. Little Parker is now six months old! I cannot believe that just this past April I was photographing Britney & Tom’s Maternity Session. I love every minute I get to spend with the Laurents and being able to photograph them in all stages of Parker’s life has been such an honor.

We met at Aissen Tree Farm for a festive, winter inspired shoot. Even though snow was nowhere to be found, our session still looked as beautiful and magical as ever. Britney looked absolutely stunning and little Parker’s facial expressions had me smiling the whole time. Every time I look at these photos now I just want to cuddle under a cozy blanket and sip hot chocolate. (:


See all the beautiful photos on their PASS Gallery!

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I’m so excited about this feature! Back in September, I was asked to photograph all the beautiful fashion and gorgeous floral bouquets for the upcoming issue of The Wedding Magazine. I squealed with delight and jumped at the chance to work with such incredible vendors. We met at Thornberry Creek in Green Bay for a full day of shooting. Everyone worked together incredibly well and the end result is breathtaking. Thank you to Elements Salon and Spa, Tie the Knot Bridal, buds ‘n’ bloom, Ebb & Flow, our beautiful model, and the fabulous Wedding Magazine for being so wonderful to work with!

When the magazine was finally released, I could not have been more thrilled! The photos look stunning in print and it was so exciting the see them used throughout the entire magazine. Even Erika & Byran’s surprise Lambeau Field wedding made an appearance! It truly turned out more beautiful than I could have ever expected and I feel so lucky that I could be a part of this great experience.

Pick up your copy today! You can find it at local Festival Foods stores, Tie the Knot Bridal, Heritage Hill, and buds ‘n’ bloom; just to name a few!


The lovely ladies working their magic the day of our shoot


A few of my all time favorite shots from the day.


To see even more gorgeousness, pick up the new issue of The Wedding Magazine today!

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Fresh Brewed Friday – My weekly “coffee date” with you all

Happenings: Photographed the adorable Weber Family! They are expecting their second child who will be joining this world in 2015.

Used my Kitchen-Aid mixer for the first time! I’m IN LOVE!! Everything went together so easy and tasted amazing. I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting all from scratch.

Continued my Christmas shopping but somehow I’m still behind. I better get going, it’s less than two weeks away!

Continued getting together clients’ photo packages and Christmas cards for this holiday season. This is such a fun time of year – Love!!

Alexander wants to wish you a Merry Christmas even though it’s not even Christmas yet!

New Favorite: The new issue of The Wedding Magazine! Not only did my photo make the cover but you can find lots of my photos throughout the entire magazine. I’m so thankful and honored to be part of such an amazing publication.

Thankful: All the wonderful wedding vendors I have the pleasure of working with. I was able to spend time with some of them during The Wedding Magazine release party. It’s so fun to be able to chat with other people in your industry, they completely understand everything you go through. It’s so important to connect.

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