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Wedding photos are no longer being delivered the way they once were. Most photographers offer a disc of images or an online gallery, myself included. You need that digital to be able to share photos with friends and family across the country. But if everything is digital, you can sometimes lose how special it is to actually FEEL your wedding photos for the first time. Staring mindlessly at a computer screen, scrolling down as fast as possible to see every new photo right away – that beautiful experience is lost.

I realized this was happening for some couples and I wanted to continue creating an experience for my clients once the wedding was over. I want my couples to really FEEL what it’s like to receive their wedding photos for the first time, to actually have something tangible. I want them to be able to touch their photos, feel the texture of the paper, and let their fingers brush lightly against the image as they remember how perfect their day was. I want them to have more than just a gallery of images – I want them to have a family heirloom to pass down for generations, a keepsake they can display proudly and look at whenever they want to take a walk down memory lane.

I’m so thrilled to introduce a new piece that I offer for weddings. I present to you the Heirloom Box.


These lovely heirlooms are available in three beautiful stains (my favorite is the Hand Rubbed Oil Walnut pictured above.) These stunning, uniquely-made boxes come with beautiful fine-art prints from your wedding. Choose your favorite images to best tell the story of the day!


The lids can be engraved with anything you want, usually your names or your wedding date.

When you remove the lid you’ll find your images nestled safely inside.


The Heirloom Box also includes three nostalgia vials, perfect for adding other details from your day in the box. The sky’s the limit with what you’d like to use them for; some ideas include the dirt from the ground you were married on, a piece of your wedding dress, or dried flowers from your bouquet.


Plus there is plenty of room to continue to add more photos or other pieces from your wedding.


This is more than just a box, it’s a living memento that will constantly grow and change with you throughout the years.
The perfect family heirloom to pass down for generations.

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Jordan & Shawn are engaged and I could not be more excited for them!! I have been friends with this awesome couple for a few years now and I am absolutely honored and overjoyed to showcase their love.

These two have been together since 2002, meeting while they were still in high school. Over the years their love has blossomed and now they are inseparable. They love going on walks with their adorable pup, Charlee, making food together or getting coffee on lazy Saturdays when they both are not working. And even though Shawn proposed last year, Jordan knew he was the one all the way back in 2002, saying, “I just knew we were going to grow old together.”

As the ultimate prankster, Shawn proposed on April Fool’s Day in a way Jordan least expected. Shawn recalls that beautiful day, “After a hard day of work for both of us, I made dinner and surprised her by getting down on one knee, right after I served her food and I told her to stick out her hand. I pulled out a pair of diamond earrings and her face turned red. She almost started crying and said, ‘I thought it was going to be a ring.’ Then I pulled out the real ring and proposed!”

We started our Engagement Session with mimosas in hand as the lovely Alissa Kristine did Jordan’s hair & make-up at my place. Shawn loves trains so we thought the National Railroad Museum would be the perfect place for their Session. The old train cars and awesome interiors served as the perfect backdrop for the shoot. Jordan looked absolutely gorgeous in all her outfits and I was obsessed with the amazing shoes she was wearing (she has over 200 pairs and I’m pretty sure I want them all!) Charlee joined us for a few photos, looking as cute as ever! We shot for over two hours but it only felt like a couple minutes, we were having so much fun!

I love these two and I’m so excited for their Washington Island wedding in August!


Thanks to the National Railroad Museum for letting us roam around and make photographs!
Thanks to Alissa Kristine for providing all the professional hair & make-up!

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Fresh Brewed Friday – My weekly “coffee date” with you all

Happenings: Luna Coffee date on Monday with my bestie, Kandace! We sipped delicious drinks and talked for hours. I could have spent my entire afternoon there!

I just joined Green Bay’s Current Young Professionals Organization. I’m so excited to meet other local business owners and help out more in my community. My first meeting was Wednesday morning and it was great to get to know everyone!

My dear friend, Jacob, recently started a new job at Arketype Inc. It’s a design firm located in a beautiful old church they refurbished. I’ve always admired the outside of the building and Jacob was kind enough to give me a tour of the inside. It’s gorgeous – I fell in love with the stained glass windows and all the little hidden corners. My favorite spot was this tiny little library.

Had a relaxing day, full of pampering and primping. Check out my go-to essentials for the perfect “pretty & pampered” day HERE.

The NFL Draft started on Thursday! Kyle and I, decked out in our Packer gear, watched the first night of the draft together. This just means we are one step closer to football season – yay!!!

New Favorite: All the flowers and plants blooming outdoors! I’m happy to be surrounded by so much natural beauty!

My new website!! It launched on Monday and I’m in LOVE!! I’m extremely impressed with what the team at GoLive HQ created for me and my business.

Thankful: It’s May! I’m so thankful that the sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and spring is in full swing! I have spent so much time outside lately just because I can!

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