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The Power of Affirmations

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Volume Two – Cultivating Gratitude in Everyday Life

Continuing our Attitude of Gratitude Series, we’ve learned that gratitude is important and leads us to live happier, more abundant lives. We figured out how to find ways to be thankful in our everyday life but how can we take that further? How can we guarantee that our days will be bright and years will be full of joy? For part three of AofG, we are breaking it down even further and focusing on positive thinking and affirmations to receive everything we’ve ever wanted.

I’m a huge fan of positive thinking and affirmations. There is a reason we are put on this Earth and if we are in a stage of difficulty in our lives, it’s to benefit our greater good in the end. Whether it’s a lesson we need to learn or a bad habit we need to kick, seasons of hardship are a necessary part of life. Instead of getting down, focus on the good! Use positive thinking to turn it around!

You might think it’s easier said than done and sometimes it can be. Turning a negative into a positive does require work. That’s where positive affirmations come in! Affirmations allow you to take control of your days and let yourself be open to the wonderful possibilities coming your way. By boldly declaring what you are ready for each day, your mind and your body will find the good in anything! Knowing that you’ve put out only positive vibrations, you know that everything that comes back to you is for your highest good.

How to Start Incorporating Affirmations into Your Life

• Take some time and write down your favorite affirmations. Tailor them to whatever you are struggling with. Money problems? Ask that the money will flow in and find it’s way to you. Health issues? Ask for healing and be open to receiving it. Relationship struggles? Ask for understanding and guidance. Declare that you are ready for positive outcomes!
• Start each day by reciting out loud your favorite affirmations. I like to choose 5-10.
• Throughout the day, quietly whisper your affirmations whenever those negative feelings creep in.
• Avoid negative affirmations like “don’t”, “no”, and “never.” Instead restructure the sentence in a positive way.
• At the end of each one, give thanks that so much good is coming your way!

Affirmations to Get You Going!

“All is well in my world.”
“I am provided for and everything I need, I already have.”
“My family is taken care of and healthy.”
“I am open to receiving love in all forms.”
“My body is a temple and I take in and give out nourishment in a perfect balance.”
“I am wonderfully made and perfect in my own way.”
“Great things will happen to me today and I’m open to receiving them.”
“I am healthy, happy, and whole.”

Looking for my Affirmation Inspiration?

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