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When Having A Team Saves the Day

Yesterday my worst fear happened. I made a commitment to something and I couldn’t keep it. It’s one of the biggest things that I worry about, keeping my word and my promise. Follow through plays a huge role in my life and I absolutely hate to let people down. Seriously, I cannot sleep when I know I think I may have disappointed someone. But yesterday came and went and I couldn’t keep my commitment. But guess what? I felt 100% fine! Why? Because of my team, that’s why!

Our monthly TuesdaysTogether took place last night and even though I’m the leader, I couldn’t be there. I was flying back from a retreat in Charleston and my flight was cancelled due to inclement weather. ALL flights were cancelled. Snow fell for hours so the possibility of driving on those icy roads was out of the question. There was no way I could make it back. I felt stuck and helpless. But then I reached out to my amazing RTS chairs, Brooke and Sarah, and asked them if they wouldn’t mind leading the meetup so we didn’t have to cancel. They said, “Of course! We’ve got it, girl!” and they did just that! Their positive responses moved me to tears of joy! The meetup was still on and our group still had an amazing time!

Because of them, I didn’t have to stress about things I couldn’t control. I could focus on finding a new flight (and a place to sleep for the night!) Because of them, I didn’t freak out and have to cancel everything. The Shaunae from last year would have overanalyzed the situation and felt SO awful about not being there, even though I couldn’t control it. Because of them, I had peace.

It’s okay to let people into your world. If you need help on a project or in your business or in your personal life, it’s perfectly fine to reach out. When you bring in people you trust and care about what you care about, you can stop white-knuckling everything and just be. Life happens and having a team by your side allows you to go with the flow. As they say in High School Musical said, “We’re all in this together!” Team work makes the dream work, so let’s help make your dreams work today!

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