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I'm fired up and on a mission to help you take your business to the next level, discover the why behind everything you do, and build a legacy worth loving. 

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Let's do this!

Let's Do this!

For almost a decade, I have been pouring into other photographers, wedding professionals, and creatives. From in-person workshops to mentor sessions, and everything in between - I have loved helping business owners grow!

I am an open book, ready to spill the secrets to my success. I built my business at only 20 years old with no money to the sustainable, six-figure business it is today. Through intentionality, purpose, and actionable steps, I help other photographers and creatives build their best businesses too!

If you are a photographer, wedding professional, or creative small business owner who wants your business to actually WORK for you instead of the other way around, then I want to help YOU!

Let's skip the small talk & dig deep!

Join me for Business brunch!

join me for business brunch!

Business Brunch Sessions

I truly believe that the best ideas come from sitting around the breakfast table and talking it out! Caffeine and conversation - what could be better?! These personalized and completely custom 3-4 hour sessions are perfect for the photographer who is ready to take their business to the next level or the creative business owner who is ready to get serious. We'll meet for brunch to cover whatever you need. No topic is off limits.

If you are new to starting your business and want a roadmap for EXACTLY how to build it successfully, then my Three Month Mentorship is what you need! This is my most in-depth, hands-on Mentoring Session where all my time and dedication go straight to YOU! I'll walk you through my proven program that I used to build my own business. We'll meet every two weeks to go through each module and I'll give you actionable steps to grow your business.

Maybe you don't need a full mentoring session, you just have a quick question or want to chat - then join me for a Mimosa Happy Hour! Once a month, I hold a these virtual happy hours where photographers, wedding professionals, and creatives come together to ask questions and connect with each other! I answer everything openly and honestly, plus you get to meet some amazing new friends too! Best part, they're free!

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Mimosa Happy Hour

Monthly Mentorship

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Branding Sessions

Media Features

As creative business owners, we are usually the last thing on our mind. We are busy pushing out new products, serving clients, creating content, and managing our social media. When we first start out, our biggest goal is to reach new people and build up our clientele. We get so caught up in this that we forget one key piece that will actually help us reach our clients faster. We forget to book a Branding Session!

Branding Sessions are the perfect way to showcase your behind-the-scenes, create exciting head shots, and let your clients see your personal side. Plus it helps build up images for your website and social media. They take place where you work, in your home, or in a location that means something to your business. It’s something that I recommend ALL business owners do! 

Kind words

"My branding session was exactly what I needed to elevate my website, social media presence and resume! Surprisingly I’m on tv but when it comes to getting my picture taken I’m actually pretty shy but Shaunae made it so comfortable and effortless! It was quick too, perfect for a busy schedule but at the same time you could tell she cared about what you wanted and about the photos. I didn’t really have a vision in mind coming in but Shaunae talked me through what I was hoping for and truly brought it to life. This is a must for anyone and everyone looking to expand their career!"

- katie Phernetton, Executive Producer & Anchor at WQOW News 18

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"I did a branding session with Shaunae and she was so easy to work with. She made me feel at ease from the second I walked in the door and guided me on how to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. She captured the best and real me in the images. She’s simply amazing and super fun.”

- Jennifer, sparkle darling

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"Shaunae came to my home office for a branding session and had amazing ideas for photos that made me and my space look very professional. She put me at ease, and captured who I am and what I love to do. Now I have a pool of photos that I feel amazing and confident in sharing on social media and my website.”

- Jenna, jenna kast studio


It’s time for YOU to finally have beautiful imagery for your website and social media! You deserve to have images that truly reflect who you are and what your business is about. No stuffy headshots here!

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Branding Sessions

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From my mileage tracking secret to my favorite CRM, here you'll find my favorite programs and apps that make my life and business run smoothly! Because let's face it, we all need a little help. Even Beyoncé has a team!

From my mileage tracking secret to my favorite CRM, here you'll find my favorite programs and apps that make my life and business run smoothly! Because let's face it, we all need a little help. Teamwork makes the dream work!

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Discover the authors who have CHANGED my business and led me towards the path of success.

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I answer emails within 48 hours. Check your spam folder if you do not see an email within 48 hours.
Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 10am - 6pm CST 

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