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Kenzie & Craig | Wedding | Ted Govin’s Barn

  1. Pam Noskowiak says:

    ❤️ the pictures..really captured the wedding and all the fun that was had that day ❤️

  2. Mandi Hartman says:

    Love seeing these two from the start to finish on their big day. Captured the bride and groom perfectly!

  3. Tina & Everett Miles says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of our granddaughter Mackenzie and
    her husband Craig. Wonderful memories in pictures.

  4. Barbara Peterson says:

    Everything was so beautiful. Love you Kenzie and Craig. From grandma

  5. Kimberly McBride says:

    Amazing photography! The beauty and essence of the day was captured to perfection. Looking at my lovely daughter and her husband in these photos will bring joy for years.

  6. Tami Severinsen says:

    Kenzie could not have chosen a better photographer for this special day. What a wonderful collection of memories, captured so perfectly. I can’t stop looking through them!

  7. Kenzie Vorass says:

    We had such a wonderful experience. We’ve seen people with gorgeous weddings end up with so-so pictures. Every single picture we were given have been gold. Each one is a different memory of the day and the long process. I am so happy with the detail shots that Shaunáe took. We took a lot of time to make and collect the decorations. We plan to invite Shaunáe to photograph our next life events as they come. Thank you!

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