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Marta & Skylar | Kohler State Park Engagement Session

  1. Linda Steber says:

    Beautiful!!! I’m the proud mom of Skylar, groom-to-be and we’re so excited to welcome Marta into the family. You did a wonderful job capturing this amazing couple’s love. :)

  2. Katie says:


  3. Noel says:

    You nasties. So. Cute.

  4. Shelbi Cox says:

    Lovely! But Marta, quick! That plant stole your ring!

    Also, I particularly love the ones where you are feeling up Jimmy’s man breasts.

  5. Rachel Harmon says:

    I just love the photos at the ice cream shop! I feel like it’s a beautiful love story told in pictures… Totally you Marta!

  6. Alex Bakker says:

    These are really great engagement photos! I like all the different poses of the couple and the different locations of where the ring was photographed. Wonderful job!

  7. Tom Steber says:

    These pictures are fantastic. Just stunning. Some of them really have the feel of stepping back in time. My Dad was a part time photographer many years ago. He would have loved these shots as much as we do. Great job. But you did have some pretty fantastic subjects to work with!

    • Joshua says:

      Agreed! The photographer clearly has a gift, but it does make it easier when dealing with such a beautiful couple! :-)

  8. Aaron says:

    Lovely photographs! I especially appreciate the casual and natural beauty of the lake scenes and the unique contrast of the ring against the green plants.

  9. Lorelei Savaryn says:

    So beautiful and fun! Can’t wait to gain a sister into the family! :)

  10. Katie says:


  11. Clare Knodle says:

    Beautiful–the ice cream shop looks so much fun.

  12. Katie. Z. says:

    These are so cute! My favorite is the black and white one on the picnic blanket. Congrats, Marta and Skylar! :)

  13. Kayla Knutson says:

    Love the pics! You both look like you’re legitimately having a good time!

  14. Lauren Knodle says:

    I love the pictures! The colors are amazing! I think the ones at the park are gorgeous!

  15. Emma says:

    What stunners, this weddimg is going to be the party of the century ;)

  16. Ryan Knodle says:

    Love the black and white shots on the boardwalk!

  17. Katie Mills says:

    The pictures turned out beautiful!! Can’t wait til the big day xoxo

  18. Jessica Roe says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  19. Rachel R says:

    These turned out great!

  20. Cheri says:

    Absolutely wonderful! Love the black and whites

  21. Chuck Engels says:

    Wow, awesome photos, you guys look great.

  22. Jeannine Liebert says:

    Beautiful photos. I am Skylar’s Aunt, and I have not met Marta in person yet, but I feel I know her just by looking at these photos. I can see the love in both of their eyes!

  23. Heather Sponsel says:

    So excited for you!! The photos are beautiful!!

  24. Joey says:

    Pete, these pictures!

  25. Joshua says:

    Congrats guys, some great photos!

  26. Alease says:

    You guys are adorable!! Congrats :)

  27. Connie Carlson says:

    great pics, cute ideas, beautiful couple! Congratulations!

  28. Marion Massimiano says:

    Beautiful photos! Loved them all. Such a beautiful couple!❤️

  29. Debbie says:

    These are stunning pictures. They look they belong I’m a magazine. Beautiful! !

  30. Joshua says:

    Absolutely perfect! The style of photography fits you both so well. Beautiful scenery and such a fun place to get pictures done. Can’t wait for the wedding!

  31. Jenny Hanson says:

    absolute beautiful pictures. this couple looks perfect together.

  32. Gary Wondrash says:

    Wow! The pictures of my son and Marta are awesome. Also, what a great looking couple.

  33. Jess Buck says:

    I love these! You two are adorable and the photographer nailed it!

  34. Heather says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  35. Eric says:

    Amazing photos, I like the banana split one!

  36. Amber R says:

    Absolutely stunning pictures!!

  37. Austin oettinger says:

    These are great pictures and a great story! So happy to have might you both!

  38. Russell/Norm Vojtech-Reuter says:

    You Two look beautiful! Congratulations we love them all!

  39. Linda Roe says:

    Great engagement pictures!

  40. Tori Burton says:

    WOW!!! Beautiful Pictures of such an adorable couple!

  41. Jacque says:

    best wishes. Pictures are beautiful

  42. Tiffany Thick says:

    You two look amazing, so happy for you both.
    Congratulations again:)

  43. Stephanie Arndt says:

    Super cute!! The awkward ones are obviously my favorite. :)

  44. Scott Knodle says:

    Great pictures of you by Lake Michigan. The only thing missing is me on the boat in the background with a BIG!!! King Salmon on. Oh yeah, I love the bow tie too.

  45. Eric V says:

    Simply beautiful. Captures a cherished moment for the couple, sweetly conveying how lovely the moment must have felt– and how lovely it must be to feel that way.

  46. Christian d. says:

    Awesome photos! Great pictures of the two of you and the ring!

  47. Steve Grisetti says:

    Very nice pictures! Beautifully shot and imaginatively staged!

  48. Becki says:

    Such great ideas and so cute!

  49. Osmary says:

    Such stunning and absolutely gorgeous photos of an amazing couple with truly beautiful story! Congratulations Marta and Skylar!!!

  50. Bill Poolman says:

    Awwwww! I’m so happy for you two! These pictures look great! :)

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