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My Newest Obsession: Watercolor Map

  1. Bonnie Covington werneth says:

    I love it too! Iwe were given one as a wedding gift 11X14 framed best gift ever!!! Our family is spread out across the us and Canada so it’s fun to see each state and it beauty in detail! Recently we bought a pack of cards for thank you notes and one print for a thank you card to our ministry. Love it and love her! Xo

    Bonnie Covington Werneth Richmond, VA

  2. Kendra B says:

    I purchased one of her Arkansas decals a few months ago & absolutely LOVE it! So much so- I haven’t found the perfect thing to stick it on just yet, so It’s beautifully displayed on my refrigerator with a magnet until I decide. :) LOVE the entire map!

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