Seeking Legacy in Life

Classic architecture. My grandparents' wedding photos. Old movies.
I've always been drawn to history and the moments that make us who we are, specifically the moments full of love. It's what drew me to photography. Being able to beautifully document these genuine moments of love is a part of my life's legacy.

My goal in photography is to capture you at your best while giving you photos that will live on for generations to come. From your wedding to your family photos, these images showcase the legacy that is your life, a life that started with love. 

It is my legacy to artfully and authentically document love at any phase in life. 

How it all started

Discovering a Calling

I fell in love with telling stories first through the written word. As the editor for a school newspaper and yearbook, I learned that you could tell stories through photographs too. That discovery turned into a calling. I graduated high school early, moved across the country, and attended college for photography on the East Coast at only 17 years old.

A few years following graduation, I founded my own photography business in 2011. Over a decade later, I have photographed hundreds of weddings and family sessions. I've had the opportunity to travel around the world, have my work shared in numerous publications like Martha Stewart Weddings and The Knot, and meet incredible people. My biggest joy has been the meaningful connections I have made with all my sweet clients.

My photography style

My Photography Style

Watching movies like Father of the Bride or Something's Gotta Give, I'm instantly transported to Nancy Meyer's world of cozy, lived-in, light-filled goodness. That's the same way I approach photography. I look for clean aesthetic, beautiful light, and most importantly, joy.

My approach to wedding days and family sessions are the perfect mix of timeless beauty and genuine moments. I'll help facilitate the set-up: place you in beautiful light, clean up the background, fix your hair. But then I'll prompt you instead of pose you. I'll ask you to hold hands or snuggle up close, looking for those real moments in between. The giggles, the sweet kisses, the big hugs.

Those are the moments I document, the moments that feel the most like YOU. 

My favorite things


Hi, I'm Shaunae!

My Most Cherished Joys

My Most Cherished Joys & Delights

My two adorable girls! They have been the biggest blessings in my life and they help me see the world with fresh eyes. It was a long journey to becoming a mother and I give thanks that I get to live out my dream everyday.

My husband, Matt! I married my best friend on the bluffs in Santa Barbara, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We went out for breakfast together that morning, toasted champagne on the beach at sunset, and enjoyed a night of dinner and conversation underneath twinkle lights and stars.

Stories. Whether it's books or movies, I love to lose myself in the stories of others. Happy, heartfelt, and everything in between - I love stories about the human experience. When we get to learn about what others endure, we can pass on compassion and understanding more easily. 

Breakfast. I'm convinced you can solve the world's problems with conversation over a strong cup of coffee and a plate of eggs benedict. Some of my favorite memories include lingering at brunch too long with loved ones.

Nature. I'm a lover of beautiful sunlight, a soft breeze, and cooling waters. I'm happiest when I'm near the ocean or a field of flowers. You won't find me on a strenuous hike or on top of a mountain, I'm more of a leisurely walk-along-the-beach kind of girl.

Travel. Whether it's a new restaurant or a new country, I love exploring different places. You can find beauty and magic all over the world. 
Dream Travel Destinations I want to explore next: Greece, Iceland, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, and Japan.

Over the Years, the Type of Clients I Love Working with...

Believe life is lived in the "in between" moments. They value kindness and connection, especially with their friends and family. They love the magic of a sunset, the cool breeze over the water, and light-filled rooms. They appreciate sweet details and have a refined sense of style. They would describe their aesthetic as clean and classic, with a touch of cozy. They see beauty in life and believe it deserves to be celebrated.

If that sounds like you, we'll be fast friends!

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All Are Welcome Here

This day is the beginning of your marriage. It is Day One of building a commitment based on love, trust, and connection. My philosophy in wedding photography is to celebrate this beautiful journey you two have been on and preserve your legacy of love.

I believe that love is beautiful in all its forms. I proudly support and respect all love stories, including LGBTQIA+ stories. My commitment is to celebrate the unique beauty of every couple or family's journey, capturing moments that reflect their authentic love and joy. I am dedicated to providing an inclusive, welcoming environment where everyone can feel comfortable and safe expressing their true selves.


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