I remember the day my mother disappeared from our photos... 

When organizing my own family photos I made this shocking discovery. I noticed my mother was barely in any photos with me. You could see the progression of my life - my first birthday, the first day of school - but where was my mom? When I asked her about this she simply said, “That’s just not something we did but I WISH I had more photos WITH my children.”

Since that moment, I’ve made it my mission to document the unconditional and unwavering love in all families especially focusing on the love a mother gives her children. As moms, we are the first ones to take care of everyone else and let them shine. But you don’t want to disappear from your child’s memories. You deserve to shine too!

As your family photographer, I promise to create images that genuinely showcase your love and preserve your legacy for you and your family to enjoy now and for future generations. To find out what it's like to work with me, click the Family Experience button below.


Hi, I'm Shaunae!

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“We were so thrilled with our family photos from Shaunae! Heart exploding! She truly captured our three little ones, their sass, and their adorable personalities. We are very grateful for Shaunae's talents and these beautiful photos."

- mCmillan Family


"You will not be disappointed hiring Shaunae as your Seattle family photographer! Her photos are always beautiful! She has captured many milestones in my family and my kids' lives. She makes you feel so natural in front of the camera and captures you at your best. We are so thankful for the photos and will cherish them always."

- franzke family

“We have absolutely loved our family portraits with Shaunae. She has such a calm presence and is great with kids and so patient. She has captured the most beautiful connected moments with my toddler even as he ran totally wild and would not sit still. Her imagery is such a family treasure already.”

- Rueter Family

"We are so thankful for Shaunae! I loved how she instantly made us feel comfortable and at ease. The process was a lot of fun and she managed to get a lot of variety in such a quick and efficient time frame. It was perfect for having a little one with us! We definitely recommend Shaunae!"

- Meulemans Family

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I answer emails within 48 hours. Check your spam if you do not see an email within 48 hours. Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-5pm PST 

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